Soft Cotton Embroidered Wedding Napkins

Embroidered Wedding Napkins

Our Soft Cotton Embroidered Wedding Napkins are the perfect budget napkins for weddings and large social events.

Made from 100% cotton, with neat, mitred hemmed edges, these napkins are the ideal solution for cost effective embroidered wedding napkins. You can choose to have guest name embroidered onto each napkin, or you can have the happy couples names and wedding date embroidered, or initials or monogram.

We have a selection of standard fonts available on our website, but we can use other fonts for embroidery. Please send us an email and we can discuss different font options for larger orders.

Orders can usually be dispatched within a week, but we would recommend getting in contact earlier for large quantities.

Please contact Heidi Lawton for more details on our Soft Cotton Wedding Napkins and a quote.

We have been very lucky to have our monogram and personalised embroidered napkins being featured in glossy wedding magazines, such as Your East Midlands Wedding and online Wedding Blogs such as And So To Wed.

Embroidered wedding napkins, place setting napkin
Embroidered wedding napkin